Ladder Competitions

What is a Ladder system?

This format sees all players randomly placed in a ladder (like a league table), one on top of the other. Players challenge each other. If a player lower down the ladder beats a higher placed player, they change places – the lower, winning player moving up the ladder.

Format: Singles

Objective: Fun & friendly competition

Date/Time: Challenge a fellow competitor and agree a mutually convenient date & time

Booking: Make sure you book a slot online!

Structure of a Ladder competition

The following are some arrangements for those involved:


A maximum of 20 players per ladder. Greens as available. NORMALLY ALL OTHER COMPETITIONS/LEAGUES TAKE PRECEDENCE, but currently this does not apply. Arrange your own matches and book a slot online.


21 up – Players score their own matches. If the time slot does not allow 21 up then the score at the end of the hour slot counts as final.


A ladder will be displayed on the Facebook VPBC Friends page showing all the player names in order (randomly drawn at commencement of the ladder) and updated weekly with e-mail copies to those not on Facebook. When players win a match against somebody above them – they switch places on the ladder. Whoever is top when the ladder competition ends WINS.


The start and finish dates for the ladder are xxxxx to September 20th.

Players must organise with other players to play matches and agree/book a slot. Players challenge each other to move up the ladder.

As an example, for a ladder that has 20 players, 20th-15th place can challenge players a maximum of 5 places above them, 15th – 5th placed players can challenge players 4 places above and 4th-1st can challenge 3 places above.

Players should not refuse a challenge from a player below. If players continue to refuse challenges or are unable to play matches they will be removed from the ladder or moved down a set number of places at the organiser’s discretion. It is always important to encourage competition and highlight the benefits of playing everyone within the ladder system.


All special arrangements currently in place will apply to ladder matches. Players should agree to a procedure when a measure would normally be used. (No End OR coin toss OR ask another player to judge – strictly observing two metre rule).


The winner is the person at the top of the ladder on the finish date set by the organiser.