Pairs Competition Draw (Sunday, May 2)

Please arrive 10.30am to enable a prompt start at 11am

A packed lunch is advised as food on the day will be very limited.


1. Mike ‘Miguel’ Kellet/Carole Wilson

2. Mike McCormick/Norman Barker

3. Susan Mountford/Mal Lloyd

4. Ian Goulding/Dave Williams

5. Debbie Herold/Chris Butler

6. Gayle Gordon/Mo Ahemady

7. Ralph Simpson/Denise Harvey

8. John Townsend/ John McGerrity

9. Simon Tinsley/PatLough

10. Allen Mountford/Margaret Barker

11. Chris ‘Bomber’ Lancaster/Mike Bimpson

12. Noreen Lewis /Mike Wardle

13. Dave ‘Flash’ Gordon/Paul Lancaster

14 Sheila Mo/ John Morgan

15 John Ashcroft/Collette McGerrity

16 Peter Hartley/Irene Kermode

The competition will be run on a round robin basis followed by a Knock-Out. A consolation Knock-Out competition will also take place.

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