Victoria Park Vets B – 2 weeks into the season

‘Better a big fish in a small pond’

We can do it I think, lol

Well, we are 2 weeks into the season and I remember saying. ‘I can’t wait for the new season and we are dropping down a league cos it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a little fish in a big pond’ –  lol how wrong was I?!

We have not done well yet but it’s early days, with a band of newcomers to the game of Bowls we are taking over the bottom of the third division. Where do we go from here ? ‘Up up up up’ I here you say and I hope you’re right.

With some great display of Bowls Don Devey is an inspiration to all of us. With having a stroke and having to change his bowling arm he is doing great. John Townsend has also stunned us into silence with a 21-1 win and determination that shows us all what we have to do.

I’m on a sticky wicket at the moment but if I stop dropping myself will show some better form. All in all I am proud of them all cos they are all trying which means I look forward to coming back with a better story.


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