Bowling Events at Victoria Park 2018

Flower Show Bowling Festival

Thursday 16th August – Round Robin
Friday, 17th August – Members Comp
Saturday, 18th August – Open Singles
Sunday, 19th August – Open Mixed Pairs

League Fixtures

 All our teams start their season during April

Please check the dates of home matches
Social bowling is available whenever No.2 green is open

Supporters always welcome



Entry fee £1 per player

29th September – Club Comp

Round Robins

Arrive 1.15pm – Entry fee £1 per player
Most Tuesdays & Saturdays during the season

Special Events

1 July – Croquet v Crown Green Challenge
22 July – Friendly match v Crossens BC
1 September – Away Day for John O’Hara Competition at Canberra Club, Salmesbury
8 September – Friendly match v Southport BC (Flat Green)