Coaching at Victoria Park Bowling Club

Do you want to improve your game?  At Victoria Park Bowling Club we have a number of qualified coaches available to members.  Whether you are a total beginner, or an experienced bowler looking to iron out a delivery flaw, we have coaches willing to help. There will always be a member of the coaching team available between 12 and 1 on Sundays, and between 11 and 1 on Tuesdays. If you prefer 1-2-1 coaching, then please contact one of the coaches to arrange a suitable date & time.

Dave ‘Flash’ Gordon (07789 459 457)

I play competitive league bowls 4 nights per week and also play in the Southport Federation team.   I am particularly interested in the use of video as a coaching tool, not only to assist in diagnosing issues with delivery technique but also to enable the bowler to see their own bowling action.

Ralph Simpson (07540 832 000)

I enjoy helping people improve in bowling. Supporting and guiding people at there own speed. I have been a captain for Southport Vets “B” for 3 yrs and seen the team unfold from a damp squib into a fine fighting machine.
I would like to turn you into the world class bowler that you want to be. Have you got the desire to improve because I’m waiting whatever your skill level we can make you into that WORLD CLASS player.

Pete Banahan (07940 803 716)

I have been bowling for six years and during the last two years have graduated from enjoying social bowling to more competitive bowling, taking over the reins as captain of the Aughton Men’s Vet’s ‘B’ team and more recently joining the Parks ‘B’ team.

As a volunteer coach in the ‘Bowling for Health’ event, I realised that I found coaching beginners and people with health issues both rewarding and enjoyable.  I believe I can coach at various levels using understandable demonstrations coupled with effective communication, delivered in a friendly and objective manner.

 Judy Muchall (07703 493 957)

I am vice captain of the Ladies B team, and captain of our new Vets B team. I also play in the Puffins team in the Westhead league.  As a retired science teacher, I have always enjoyed teaching others, and enjoy coaching bowlers no matter what level of ability.

Sue Mountford (07805 085 291)

I have been bowling for three years, and play five teams, and for the Southport ladies team.  I feel that I would be most effective with newer bowlers, but I am happy to help anyone who is interested.  I believe that learning should be enjoyable.

Peter Evans (07805 831 205)

I’ve been bowling now for nearly two years since I retired. I play for three teams. Monday afternoon The Vets. Monday night The Parks B team and Wednesday The Victoria B team in the Aughton league. No preference as to who to coach but I do like to have a laugh.

Paul Crummey (07816 287 273)

I have been bowling for 35 years, member of five teams in five leagues.  I am willing to coach at all levels from beginner to fully experienced.  I am easy going and like to have fun and enjoy the game.