VPBC – COVID Regulations


1. All members must observe HMG requirement on “social distancing” by keeping 2m away from other people at all times, except those in their household, and by avoiding touching surfaces used by other people

2. If a member shows any signs of any of the Covid symptoms, the member must self-isolate immediately, go for a Covid test,and must not come to the Club until a negative test result is received.

3. Only VPBC 2020 members can play on the greens. Membership Cards must be brought to the Club and be available for checks by Victoria Park staff. No guests are permitted to play.

4. A maximum of 3 games (6 bowlers, 1 versus 1) on each green is permitted at all times. Bowlers must always keep strictly to the 2 metre social distancing rule whilst playing except those from the same household.

5. Bowling can be booked for 1 hour sessions starting at 12.30. 1.45, 3.00, 4.15, 5.30, 6.45 each weekday and at 10.00, 11.15, 12.30. 1.45, 3.00, 4.15, 5.30, 6.45 each weekend. The 5.30 and 6.45 sessions each weekday are reserved for members who are working. For virus tracking and tracing reasons, members must not play on the greens without first booking their session.

6. In order to allow members their social distancing space and to avoid car park congestion, Green 1 players must use the Club car park and Green 2 players must use the Paddock car park

7. Players must bring their own hand sanitiser, bowls, jack and mat. Any measuring must be done by one player only. The jack and mat are a potential source of virus transmission. If a jack and mat are shared between the players, the jack, mat and the player’s hands must be sanitised before and after play.

8. The Victoria Park car access barrier entry code remains the same as last year. Drivers must clean their fingers with a sanitiser after entering the code. The Park closes at 8pm promptly each day. Do not get locked in.

9. The greens may need to be swished before play. To avoid virus transmission, swisher users must clean the swish handle and their hands with an antibacterial wipe before and after use

10. The Pavilion clubroom and kitchen are closed. The toilets are closed but can be opened for emergency use. The doors and toilets are a potential source of virus transmission and all surfaces touched by a user must be cleaned by the user BEFORE and AFTER use. Antibacterial wipes are in reception and in both toilets. For safety, paper towels are in the ladies and a hot air drier is in the gents.

11. The bowling greens area will be fenced off with steel barriers to prevent public access to the footpaths and benches around the greens. Spectators are not permitted at any sports event by HMG regulations

12. Players must remove their car from Victoria Park promptly after their game in order to avoid car park congestion and social gatherings. Cars must not be left in the Park whilst the owner ‘goes for a walk’.


Should you need to change/cancel your booking, please contact the booking co-ordinator at the following e-mail address : gaylegordon69@gmail.com, or by phone on 07961 696159 between 11am-3pm