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End of season report – LV (Tuesday evening)

My first season as captain I am able to report an improvement in the team’s performance. We finished 5th in 2019 as opposed to 7th last year winning the overall combined aggregate in four matches (doubling our wins from last year). The highlight of the year was beating the Hesketh Eagles (league winners) in the knockout cup. The handicap was in our favour ... More

End of season report – Parks ‘A’ Team (Thursday evening)

I am so proud of my team’s performances in our first season in the Parks Premier league.  We set off like a train and managed to stay in the top 4 for quite a while.  As the season progressed we ran out of steam and finished middle of the table in 7th place.  We have opened a lot of peoples eyes to the ability and potential of this team and we will ... More

End of season report for SD Ladies Vets B

The end of our first season is now here and I cannot believe how well we have done. To finish the season mid table when we are new bowlers is remarkable. We have played with increasing skill and knowledge as the year has gone by and have had some tears but many laughs and a good deal of fun. Many of our opposing teams have welcomed us to the league and ... More

Ladies Championship Report (Saturday, 20 July)

Today saw the Victoria Park Ladies Competition. The day started off cloudy but the sun came out and shone on the lady bowlers and visitors. There were 14 team members entered into the competition,  and additionally a social member was persuaded to play to make up 15 in total. The competition was played in 5 groups of three, the players with the ... More

Aughton Mixed B – Captain’s Report

After a somewhat shaky start to the season, we lost our first three games, a resurgent Victoria Park ‘B’ team has stormed up the table in the Aughton and District mixed league. With eight consecutive wins and a total of nine wins out of our last ten games we have consolidated third place after beating second placed Mere Brow ‘B’ and reducing their ... More

VPBC Newsletter – July 2019

INTRODUCTION I would like to begin by extending a warm welcome to new members receiving the Club Newsletter for the first time. I do hope you are making new friends and enjoying your bowling. Amazingly we are already half way through the year! Both bowling greens are in good condition and playing well. It is a wonderful scene on a fine day to see both ... More

Alzheimer’s Cupcake Day

Despite the park being closed to the public due to a wedding we still managed to sell cupcakes and raffle tickets for Alzheimer's Cupcake Day. We would like to give special thanks to Judy Muchall and Laura (Mo's wife) who made spectacular cupcakes. Also thanks to Doreen Morrell and Noreen Lewis who helped with the decorating of cupcakes. Special thanks ... More

Parks A Team mid-season report

Well it's half way point for my newly promoted team to the Parks Premier league (Thursday evening).  We have had a fantastic first half of the season and currently sitting nicely in 3rd place.  We are enjoying the recognition we are receiving from fellow bowlers and our aim is to surprise them even more throughout the season. I would like to thank the ... More


Please note NO PARKING is allowed on North and South Paddocks. All cars MUST be in our car park or the paved area above our car park. This is because Victoria Park is booked for a BIG WEDDING - a marquee is being erected near the bandstand. Wedding guests will be parking in the Paddock. More

Mens LV (Tuesday evening) Report

The Victoria Park team are currently 5th in the Premier division, having played 7 matches out of a total of 16. This league is generally a very high standard, and we are performing better than last year with a limited number of players in the squad. The L.V. league format is different to most other leagues, as we play home and away against the same team ... More