Winter League at Ormskirk BC

The Victoria Park team has commenced the Winter Season on the Ormskirk All-Weather Green. Matches are played on a Tuesday throughout the winter.

Unlike last season, we have only one team entered. Everyone who was registered last season has been registered, the current squad having 16 players.  Haydn Preece is the Captain. If you would like to be registered and were not last season, please contact Haydn. 

 With just four players per match there will be fewer opportunities for players to play this season.  

We won our first match versus Scarisbrick on Tuesday 26 September. 

Our team was Haydn Preece, Steve Halliwell, Debbie Barnes and Gary Baker.

 The others registered to play are: Irene Kermode, Debbie Herold, Ted Morrell, Paul McCabe, Neil Regan, Sue Mountford, Mike Wardle, Janice Hobson, Dave Williams, Bob Fairhurst, Sue Davies, Denise Harvey.

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