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Hello everyone,

As promised at the AGM we are now ready to launch the Victoria Park Bowling Club 50/50 draw.

We really need an irrigation system installed for our greens if we are going to avoid the significant damage caused by long dry spells. This is a massive undertaking and will be very expensive. While we have some reserves which we are happy to use for this purpose, it’s not nearly enough.

Therefore, we are going to start a 50/50 draw in addition to other fundraising initiatives. The cost is £5 per entry to the monthly draw payable by Standing Order. It is possible to have more than one entry if you would like to increase your chances of winning whilst simultaneously supporting your club.

As the name suggests, half of the money taken will be paid out to the winning entrants, the other half will remain in a ring-fenced bank account to be used for the irrigation system and any other future initiatives to improve the bowling facilities.

Dave Gordon will be doing the actual draw at the end of each month, where possible at our club competitions or Round Robins.

We really hope that as many of our members and friends will be able to join in.

If you would like more information about how to enter the 50/50 draw, please read the 50/50 Club Frequently Asked Questions document which contains all the information you need to participate in the first draw on 29 April

If you still have questions then please send an email to


Susan Mountford

VPBC Chairman

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