Newsletter – January 2022

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the start of the new bowling season in April. It won’t be long before the dark, cold evenings make way for brighter pleasant spring conditions.

Winter bowling continues despite the cold weather; indoor bowling at Dunes remains popular (who doesn’t like the warmth?!), whilst the Winter league (outdoors) at Ormskirk BC continues to be ‘challenging’.

Prior to the season opening we will be holding our Annual General meeting (AGM) at Southport & Birkdale Sports Club on Saturday, 5 March (10.30am).  Please join us there if you can.

Are you interested in joining a team? 

There will be an opportunity at the AGM to sign-up to play in one (or more) of our league bowling teams next season.  If you haven’t played for a team previously, and you are interested in joining one of our teams please contact Sue Mountford ( ASAP as we are keen to understand the level of demand; we could create new team(s) if we have sufficient numbers.

Irrigation System

In recent years, we have enjoyed some long periods of hot, dry weather during the early part of the bowling season.  However, the greens have suffered badly as a result of these droughts and have still not fully recovered.

As a result, the Committee is considering the installation of an irrigation system on the greens that can be used during future drought periods. Many bowling greens in Southport have one.

An irrigation system installation to suit our very large greens is a huge and expensive project.  However, it may be possible with the aid of grants and fundraising activities.  The first stage of the project is the approval of an installation by our landlords, Victoria Park Management Ltd and Sefton MBC and the Committee has duly applied for their approval.

There is a lot of work needed to ‘make it happen’ and volunteers are invited to join the Irrigation Project Team. Please contact me if you would like to join the team or wish to have more information.

Your Greens Team needs YOU  

If you have some spare time and would like to help your club whilst simultaneously enjoying some healthy exercise, then please consider joining our small team that looks after our two bowling greens in Victoria Park.  If you are interested in hearing more details, then please contact Paul Crummey on 07816287273.

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