Random pairs competition (Sunday, 6 June)


Please arrive at 10am for a 10:30am start.

The competition will be played in a round robin format followed by a final knock-out phase. A runners up competition will also take place.  Burgers will be for sale at lunchtime.


1 Sheila Mo/Mike Wardle
2 John Townsend/Paul Lancaster
3 Allen Mountford/Margaret Barker
4 Ian Goulding/Steve Halliwell
5 Simon Tinsley/Don Devey
6 Dave Williams/Chris Sawyer
7 Mike McCormick/Bryan Elliot
8 Miguel Kellett/Denise Harvey
9 Flash G/Mike Bimpson
10 Noreen Lewis/Ralph Simpson
11 Gaylo G/Pat Lough
12 Steve Goulding/Chris Butler
13 John Ashcroft/Mo Ahemady
14 Peter Hartley/George Farrelly
15 Irene Kermode/John Sawyer
16 Susan Mountford/Norman Barker


Carol Wilson, Debbie Herold, Eric Ireland, Maureen Ireland, Graham Whittaker, Carol Whitaker

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