VPBC Mixed Pairs Competition Sunday 13 Sept 2020

Participating club members arrived at Victoria Park in time to learn who their randomly drawn partner for the day was, and who their first round opponents were. Some interesting partnerships were drawn,with only one couple drawn together (for the 2nd consecutive comp) – Gayle & Dave Gordon.


First round winners were Gayle & Dave, Deborah & John A, Sue & Andy; Lill & Gary, Carole & Norman, Sue M & John T, Irene & Mike McC and Doreen & Allen.

The Semi finalists were Lill & Gary, who beat Gayle & Dave, and Doreen & Allen, who beat Sue M and John T. In the final Lill & Gary eventually won against Doreen & Allen. WELL DONE.


The 8 first round losers went into this competition Chris & Mike K beat Betty & Ted, and Pat L & Pete H on the way to the final. Judith & Paul beat Sheila & Don, and Noreen & Chris, and then overcame Chris & Mike in the final.

Sue Mountford was very warmly applauded by everyone for running a great day. Sue graciously thanked Margaret for her great help (again) with refreshments etc.

NB Throughout the whole day Covid regulations were emphasised & well observed.

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    Jay Jay.
    22/09/2020 (8:56 am)

    Well done les again for our Monday bowling once again thank you and to Margaret and all.p/s not forgetting our greens team wonderful job many grats .

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