VPBC Newsletter July 2020

Project Restart

The COVID 19 pandemic continues, and things will clearly not return to normal anytime soon, but recent restriction relaxations mean that we can introduce gently and cautiously some positive changes.

Nearly all our members from 2019/20 season have paid their 2020/21 subscription, and so far around 50% of our current membership have restarted bowling at Victoria Park. Clearly not everyone is yet wishing to bowl, but we have implemented protocols to minimise risk appropriately. In addition to the standard 2 metres rule, we are stipulating that playing groups must remain 4 metres apart. Both greens are in excellent condition and a pleasure to bowl on.

Round Robins

Social aspects of bowling at VPBC are important; Round Robins are an important and popular part of the VPBC scene. Our usual Round Robin format is not feasible for safety reasons, but we are introducing ‘singles’ Round Robins on Tuesdays and Saturdays starting on Saturday, 11 July. These will start at 1.45 with an expected finish time of 4pm.

Only 16 members per session can take part in the new Round Robin format. It is primarily aimed at those people who enjoyed RRs last year and our newer members. If you wish to participate in one or both of the opening Round Robins on 11th & 14th July, please apply by email ASAP to vpbcinfo@gmail.com

Detailed instructions will be sent by return email to confirm your booking. (Late applicants will be allocated a place on a future Round Robin date). All places must be pre-booked. Please do not attend without booking in advance.

Bowling session bookings & Pairs games

The greens booking system is working very well – it is very easy to use. So far, BCGBA regulations have only permitted singles games, but now pairs games are allowed (but only for two members of the same household to play against two members of another household). Sorry folks these are the rules!

NOTE If you are organising a Pairs game, then please make 2 bookings for the timeslot you are playing to ensure we keep numbers on the green to a reasonable level.


Paul Crummey is keeping even busier than normal on the COACHING front. Give him a call on 07816287273 to find out more, or to book a coaching session.

Bowls Ladder & Competitions

None of the local bowling leagues are operating this year, but the keener team players are keeping their skill levels up by regular practice. Others, missing competitive bowling, have joined the BOWLS LADDER that is now up and running – please see the website for details.

We hope in the next few weeks to be able to set out plans for CLUB COMPETITIONS.

New Members

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we have not had the usual influx of new members, but as restrictions are being relaxed it is now time to encourage new people to try out bowling at VPBC. If you know anyone who is thinking about joining, they can have a ‘try-it out’ game with a coach before paying the reduced £35 new member subscription.


Ted Morrell





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