Mens Vets Semi Finals

Two of our mens veterans teams appeared in cup semi-finals at Victoria Park on Monday, 20th May.  First up were the B team, hosting a morning fixture against Scarisbrick ‘B’ who are currently 7 points behind the VPBC team who are in 3rd place in Southport Vets League Division 3.  The home team had to make a late appeal for replacements due to unavailability of a number of team regulars.

Team captain Ralph Simpson gave his thoughts after the game:  ‘All ten players played with heart and conviction. A terrific response from a terrific side.  The team played strongly and won handsomely with a 2 point winning margin over the visitors Scarisbrick. There is no more to be said. Bring on the cup’

Later the same day, the Vets A team played host to a Banks ‘A team that were some 10 points and 6 places lower than their Division 1 rivals.

The VPBC ‘A’ team were similarly forced to bring in two late replacements who both performed well on the day. However, the handicap deficit proved too much of an obstacle to overcome.   As Paul Crummey came off the green after a fine win over Mike Connington, some quick mental arithmetic made it apparent that although VPBC had won the match, the handicap advantage for Banks ‘B’ meant that the match was tied.  The rules of the competition state that in the event of a tie, the away team progresses to the next round.

The VPBC ‘A’ team however are proving a formidable force in the league and are promising great things for the remainder of the season. Victoria Park Bowling Club can be proud of both teams.

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