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I’m delighted to announce that the defibrillator is now “Rescue Ready”
as a Community Public Access Defibrillator (CPAD).

It can be accessed via a 999 call by any park user in daylight hours
only. The Ambulance Service will not respond to 999 calls after dark
when the Park is normally closed.

If a person collapses in the Park, someone must call 999.  The
emergency line operator will send a paramedic and will give the caller
the code to open the defibrillator box. The defibrillator is to be
used when the collapsed person has no pulse.

When the defibrillator is opened, it will give the user verbal
instructions about what to do, how to open the adhesive pad pack,
where to position the adhesive pads……. and then the defibrillator
automatically checks the persons pulse…. and applies shocks if it
detects no pulse.  It is very safe to use and will not apply a shock
to a person who has a pulse.

The Ambulance Service has the location details of the pavilion within
the Park and it has the SFS gate barrier code.  It would be very
useful if, when an ambulance has been called, a person could go to the
SFS gate, open it and then direct the ambulance to the pavilion.


The Club has signed an Agreement with the NW Ambulance Service that
commits us to maintaining the defibrillator in a “Rescue Ready”
condition and to keeping the roadways clear for ambulance access.

Peter and Di Banahan are the Club’s Defibrillator Guardians and will
do a weekly check to ensure the defibrillator is “Rescue Ready”.  They
will also liaise with the NW Ambulance Service on any issues  The
Defibrillator Team (Pete & Di B, Paul & Lynne L and I) will arrange
defibrillator awareness training at the Club for members shortly.  It
is recommended that two from each Team are trained and a few from the
R Robin regulars.

For all members, we must keep the roadways and roundabout clear of
parked vehicles for ambulance access and, for pedestrian and dog
safety, keep car speed below 5mph inside the Park.  Notices have been
put up to remind members of the parking rules, see below.

This defibrillator is a huge step forward for the Club and we’ve
waited a long time for it to come along.  Whilst we all hope it is not
needed, it is very comforting to know that the Club now has the latest
and best resuscitation equipment on the market. The Defibrillator has
been donated by the Rotary Club of Southport Links and we are very,
very grateful for their generosity.




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