Captain’s update – Aughton Mens B

Impressive 6 – 4 win with a 173 to 138 aggregate against Crossens on Wednesday 25th July and nice to see Ron Birkinshaw back in action and bowling really well. Ted Morrell and Andy Muchall both limiting their opponents to two each.
Had a phone call from Chris Butler at about 12 : 10 FROM HIS HOSPITAL BED to tell me he couldn’t make it as he had been taken in with a suspected heart attack – that is dedication!!
The good news is he was eventually sent home about 22:00 but told to rest and take it easy. I have spoken to him since and he informed me that he would be at our next game to support, thanks Chris, fantastic attitude.
Back to the game,I think we took Crossens by surprise, but not to me as I feel the team is now beginning to gel and our relatively inexperienced players are still keen and showing enthusiasm – roll on next year

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