Ladies Singles Championship – 1st June

The Ladies championship competition took place on Friday 1st June with beautiful weather. I ran the competition and there were 14 competitors, with plenty of spectators to encourage the ladies.

There was some brilliant bowling, especially from the less experienced bowlers. Special mention must go to “B” team players, Noreen and Lynne – one of our very new bowlers, who played exceptionally well throughout the competition.

The final of the competition was a closely fought contest between Pauline and Margaret, with Pauline eventually emerging victorious.


The final of the consolation was between Rita and Janice – the winner was Rita.


Once again very well done to all our members.

The ladies “A” team had better watch out for the “B” team!!

And a big thank you to all who turned up .

Sue Davies.


2 Replies to "Ladies Singles Championship - 1st June"

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    Noreen Lewis
    05/06/2018 (9:37 am)

    Thank You for a lovely day. I enjoyed it.

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      Lj Lancaster
      14/06/2018 (7:19 pm)

      I have just seen this article , just finding my way around the sight.
      Thanks for the experience and great camaraderie

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