VPBC Pavilion transformation – Update 22nd Feb 2018

I am delighted to be able to report that the penultimate stage of the Pavilion transformation has been completed today. There’s just a new suspended ceiling to fit next month.

The toilets have now been brought up to modern hygiene and facility standards….. and the dirt, spiders and cobwebs have been eliminated.

The ladies and gents toilets have been re-fitted with non-slip flooring, wipe-clean PVC wall panels, new toilets, new wash basins, new hand driers and new warm water hand-wash units. A total refit that should last for 20 years!

The Ladies has been enlarged and a second toilet fitted. The Gents has had new urinals fitted with push-buttons to ‘flush after use’.

It’s been a really successful team-working effort by the Club and the whole Building Team is very pleased to have achieved such a successful outcome.

It all started off with the comments by members about the poor state of the pavilion kitchen at last year’s AGM. The unhygienic conditions were again heavily criticised by the Catering Team at the Flower Show.

A number of members suggested a new layout for the kitchen and the suggested plans were discussed with the Committee and members during the Club Day Out last September.

With winter approaching, the Committee appointed a Building Team to get started ……and the Bedford Park Sports Club started the ball rolling with their donation of £1,000 towards the kitchen modernisation costs.

With a clear vision of a dramatic kitchen transformation, the fundraising and building work started ……… and the support and response from members was terrific with a total of £7,250 raised by 2017 year-end.

As a result of the huge support from Club members, it inspired the Building Team who responded by expanding their plans to include the Club-room, the reception area ….. and to complete the job, to transform the toilets too!

As leader of the Building Team, I wish to very sincerely thank:

– You for supporting the transformation with your donations. It would have been impossible to progress so successfully without your support.

– The Committee for having the confidence in the Building Team to approve their plans and fundraising activities

– The Building Team who have been inspired to work so hard and with great skill as volunteers during a very cold winter…… but we’ve all made new friends and had real job satisfaction too.

I’ll be at the AGM on Saturday (1.30pm at Emmanuel Church) and can answer any questions that you may have…… and will be happy to receive any further donations for the ‘finishing touches’ work.

I’ll also be asking the members who donated by cheque to complete a Gift Aid Form….. and then we get another 25p from the Tax Office for every Pound you donated!

Cheers – Dave Spratt – Building Team Project Leader

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