VPBC Clubroom and Kitchen refurbishment

To all VPBC members

You may recall that I sent an email to you on 17 October and explained that the project to refurbish and re-equip the club room and kitchen was gathering momentum. The Building Team had been formed from the volunteer members and, at that stage, Allen and Sue had just completed screwing timber battens to all walls and had assembled the kitchen units.
On the 17 Oct, the SFS electrician installed new wiring and extra sockets for the kitchen area ….. and twenty sheets of plasterboard were delivered and carried into the Pavilion by the Round Robin players.  It was a great help to the Team.
On 18 Oct, the plasterboard was installed by four of the Team in the day! A huge job that I thought would take a week! Thanks to Brian Farington who showed the team how to do it.
On 20 Oct, two of the Team filled and skimmed all the plasterboard joints and screw heads and on 22 Oct the plasterboard surface was sanded and then primed and sealed on the 23 Oct ready for emulsion painting.
In the last week, the walls of the club room have been emulsion painted in a silver grey colour and there’s unanimous agreement from visiting lady members that the colour is “just right”. So that’s sorted!
This week, Pete and Di have been preparing the Club room windows and doors for painting…. and started painting yesterday. There’s quite a lot of work involved due to the damage that has occurred and I wish to thank Di and Peter for their patience and dexterity!
My estimated project cost of £2,500 for the club room and kitchen refurbishment, excluding the flooring, has been funded by a generous donation from the Bedford Park Social Club and by a matching Charitable Trust grant plus a member’s generous donation. This funding covers the cost of the planned works but does does not cover the cost of a new vinyl floor covering for the Club room and kitchen which amounts to approximately £900.  To save money, I originally thought the old floor carpet could stay for a while.
However, the Building Team wish to see the project finished to a standard that they can be proud of and wish to see a new floor covering by Xmas. Please will you support the Club’s enthusiastic Building Team and, if you can, make a donation of say £20 and show your support for these volunteers. If we get sufficient donations, then I will have the new flooring extended into the reception area and corridor at the same time. It will really brighten up the entrance.
To make your donation, please use one of these methods:
1. Post cheques payable to VPBC, to Bryan Singleton, 8 Maybank Close, Southport PR9 7PY
2.Put your donation in an envelope in the Treasurer’s post box in the Pavilion.
3. Donate online with a debit or credit card at BT MyDonate by clicking on the link below.  BT charges no commission and the Club receives your donation in full. It’s easy  .,,… and it goes straight to the Club’s bank account within a week!  Click on     https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/victoriaparkbowlingclub   to donate online to our new donation website. Or visit BT MyDonate and search for VPBC.
Many thanks for your support for this huge step forward for the Club.  The Team wish to make this Pavilion modernisation a great success, It’s a once on a lifetime opportunity for the Club.  Please help to keep the momentum up with your donations to support the volunteers. I am sure you will be amazed and delighted with the results.
Dave Spratt – Project Leader

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